Yamaha’s Motobot

It’s like Terminator meets Asimo.  When you consider the resources of Yamaha compared to the resources of Honda, it’s a very impressive achievement.

We want to know how long until there will be a grid of them racing around.

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Yamaha’s new Trike Concept


We think it looks like what would happen if a Piaggio MP3 and a Yamah MT09 got a bit drunk and carried away with each other.

What do you guys think?

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The new Bike v Car drift battle is out from the boys at Icon

And you can check it out right here.

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Check out this ZX10R scrambler

zx10 scrambler

Looks awesome doesn’t it?

We hope someone sees it and makes it a reality.  It’s from our friend over at Holographic Hammer.  You can check them out on Facebook right here:


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The marvelous invention that is Autosol

Whilst the R1 is currently hiding from thieves, we decided to give it’s Titanium cans, and link pipes a good clean.  They’re still showing the grot of years of commuting.  However we found a tub of Autosol in the bottom of a tool box and got busy.

They’re now looking awesome and our hands smell like the 1950’s.  It’s a win/win.

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Thieving scum

We’ve experienced the antics of thieving scum first hand earlier in the week.  Fortunately for our insurance premiums, and wallet health in general the beloved SOTW R1 hasn’t been half inched, however they did nick our mountain bike, and nicked several other bikes as well, including a £1300 carbon road bike.

Bearing this is mind the R1 is currently in hiding in case they saw it, but didn’t have the tools to cut through the various chains securing it and were coming back later.

All we need to do is add our bike as nicked to crime number already logged, wait for the police to take a disinterested glance, and then buy another bike.  It’s probably not worth claiming on the house insurance anyway.  Sigh.

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Why doesn’t someone do a good youtube channel for bikes!?

You know, like Performance Bikes mag, but a youtube channel.  Or Top Gear, but for bikes?  Something fun that we can all relate to.

Changing the pads on your Brembos on your Superstock spec Fireblade trackbike, yeah, great.

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